Hi, My name is Ai Yoshikawa.
I am a freelance photographer currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

My love of photography began when I was a teenager. I was 16 years old when  I began making my own black and white prints. My enthusiasm for photography has not changed since then.

In 2000 I was living in LA where I assisted fashion photographer Shuji Kobayashi.   This experience led me to move back to Japan in order to seriously study this art form. I worked in BUNKA Photo Studio in Tokyo for two years and also for still life photographer Tetsuo Yuasa for another two years, where I learned the complexities of lighting, sets, and business.Then in 2005, I became a freelance photographer. I had the opportunity to work for various magazines and newspapers based in Japan such as  ELLE Japan,  PEN, soen,  mrs,  Roadshow, Vacation, Precious, Yomiuri Styled Magazine, ascii and catalog for mitsukoshi department store.

After moving to Spain in 2008, I worked for the daily newspapers, EL Pais , La Vanguardia , and  VOGUE Japan